hLabs Deep Scan - A Website Vulnerabilty Scan

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Unlike hLabs Lite Scan (which scans a single URL), this Scans your Entire Website Security & alerts you whenever a vulnerability is found

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Vulnerability assessment is the first step in defending your web assets against vulnerabilities that attackers are waiting to exploit.

Get comprehensive insight into the cyber exposure of all your assets, including all of your vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other security health indicators.


Vulnerabilities Checked For

Command Injection, SQL Injection, Server Side Template Injection, CRLF injections/ HTTP response splitting, Exposed application source code, Exposed sensitive files, Open Redirect, Cross-site scripting, Insecure communication (HTTP) & Header Injection

Worried about website breaches? Don't be! With our website security scanning services, we'll help you identify and fix potential vulnerabilities in no time. Keep your website safe and secure. Visit us today! #KenyaWebsiteSecurity #WebsiteScanning #CyberProtection

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