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hLabs helps you get comprehensive insight into the cyber exposure of all your assets, including all of your vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other security health indicators

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Stay protected from web-based threats in Kenya with our web security scanning services. Our team uses the latest technology to protect your online presence.
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Lite Scan

This Online Website Security Scan checks a single url for vulnerabilities, thus is quite fast(10-60 seconds)

Vulnerability assessment is the first step in defending your web assets against vulnerabilities that attackers are waiting to exploit.

hLabs Scan checks on a diverse range of Website Security Vulnerabilities & provides you with the full details + recommended fixes for any bugs found

These include: Command Injection, SQL Injection, Server Side Template Injection, CRLF injections/ HTTP response splitting, Exposed application source code, Exposed sensitive files, Open Redirect, Insecure communication (HTTP), Header Injection & Security Headers Misconfiguration

Deep Scan

This is a our premium Deep Scan that checks your Entire Website's Security & texts you whenever a vulnerability is found

This online service fully automates website vulnerability assessment & sends you FREE SMS alerts when your website becomes hackable

It passively crawls & scans all your web assets for bugs & provides you with the full details + recommended fixes for any vulnerabilities found

In addition to the vulnerabilities checked for by hLabs Lite Scan, this also checks for Cross-site scripting(XSS) & scans any forms found on a URL (hLabs Lite Scan doesn't parse forms)


Information Security Audits

Get Insights into your attack surface. Understand risk.


Web Servers Hardening

Servers' hardening, Firewall & WAF installation/ configuration, etc

Disrupt vulnerabilities that put your website at risk!

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