Quick, Easy & Essential Cyber Security Tips


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Mask Your Website Weaknesses

Make it harder for scanners/ hackers to identify vulnerabilities/ exploit you - Even when your system is vulnerable!

This is important!

  • Use generic error pages - For instance, silently redirect 404, 403 errors to your home page
  • Disable ALL error reporting on your system

Disable Directory Listing

Directory Listing enables an attacker access to restricted data: E.g backup, conf files forgotten in the web-root

  • In your .htaccess file, add this line: Options -Indexes
  • Else, having an index.html page in the directory prevents listing as well

Server Hardening

This is important!

  • Disable SSH root login
  • Limit failed SSH authentication attempts. E.g to 3
  • Use a different SSH port other than 22
  • Disable FTP; it's authentication is in clear-text (Use SFTP above)
  • Disable Telnet
  • Whitelist allowed ports: Typically: HTTP/S, SMTP, SSH

Preventing Injections

E.g SQLi, XSS, Command

  • Never trust any client generated input - Always sanitize it

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