Take a Stand Against #TechTyranny


Take a Break from Political Correctness/ Ethics Policing from Lazy Entitled Adult Brats

  • Google Switch!
    • From Google Search to DuckDuckGo.com - Is easy, non-inconviniencing & just as good. Most importantly, it doesn't track you (Tracking is Google's cash cow foundation)

      From Google chrome browser to Opera/ Firefox/ Etc. - FYI Opera Incognito Mode ships with a free VPN!

      For Devs: There're lots of SOLID Google cloud, Google Business Email, Etc Alternatives

  • Twitter/ FB Switch!
    • Unless for exceptional cases, cut down on social media usage, especially on Twitter & Facebook, the biggest free speech bullies/ ethics police around

      Instead, Go out for a walk/ run/ get a new hobbie/ online classes/ travel/ update your CV while the entitled brats talk about things they all agree on on Twitter/ Facebook. How appropriate?

  • Amazon Switch!
    • Unless for exceptional cases, try out the other hundreds of Ecommerce start-ups

      For Devs: There're lots of SOLID Amazon cloud, Etc Alternatives

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